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Phu Quoc Mini Yacht Charter

INI YACHT boat trip will bring the brilliant experiences, exploring the three most beautiful islands in south of Phu Quoc Island. One of them is Finger Nail Island or another name called Robinson Island – (one called an Maldive in Vietnam)

Dam Trong Island is the place you will relaxed and having lunch.

Dam Ngang Island or another name is Gam Ghi Island is the best place for you Snorkeling watching nice fishes and corals.

8am: the mini bus pick you up at your hotel in Duong Dong up to Sao beach (pick up at Ong Lang Beach, Vung Bau, Bai Dai, Ganh Dau, and Vinpeaarl will be charge an extra fee)

9am: the Mini bus arrive Sao beach, and ready for Boarding. Mini Yatch will sail to Finger Nail Island for you to visit, relax on the beach, swimming

11am: Mini Yatch takes you to Dam Ngang island for Snorkeling, we provide snorkels life vests,

Mini Yatch takes you to Dam Trong Island for lunch time, and relaxing with nice view, fresh air,..cold beer, seafood.

3pm: Mini Yatch takes you back to Sao Beach, where you could stay a while then Bus pick up you take you back your hotel

Price for Yatch $400  a group less than 6 people (English local guide + lunch included)

Up to 10people plus $30 per person.

For the tour with your own group, your own itineraries, or fishing big fishes (with fishing equipments) Chinese local guide, please contact Mr Trung 0907 979 462

Tour included Insurance please provide your every member in your group as below.

Full name:…..Nationality:….Passport number:…..Date of birth:

Kids with the Guardian information:

Pick up at Ong Lang adds $20

Cua Can, Vung Bau adds $30

Vinpearl, Ganh Dau add $40

CAUTION: There is an Island in the north of Phu Quoc island name Finger Nail Island, but the one in The South is the best, and real nice.

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Whether you’re here to relax on sun-kissed beaches, explore remote corners of the island, or gorge on mounds of fresh seafood, discover the charms of our Island paradise! Tour the beautiful islands surrounding Phu Quoc island with FASboat.

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Phu Quoc blog

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