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Visiting the spectacular Islands surrounding Phu Quoc

Why FASboat?

Six simple reasons

  1. Approaching more destinations than others in 1 tour
  2. Saving time by moving with speedboat, extra time snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathe
  3. Personalized tours. Customize tours are always available
  4. High quality snorkeling equipment
  5. Various activities, diversity tours
  6. Superior local foods & dishes

At FASboat pride ourselves on giving our guests the very best day we can. But don’t just take our word for it – read what our customers have to say about us on TripAdvisor.TripAdvisor-pqspeedboat

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Snorkeling in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is Vietnam's best snorkeling destination.

Explore the Sights

River  Exploring

The gataway to the might Cua Can River and the islands third largest urban center, Cua Can is a unique commune where visitors can enjoy two great beaches, a pictures fishing village, and plenty of outdoor activies.

Cua Can River Tour

Watersport activities

Wakeboarding - Banana floating, stunning ‘krast’ limestone islands, magnificent marine life. View some of the scenery in our gallery.

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Speedboat Tours

Speedboat Tours

PHu Quoc Tours

Whether you’re here to relax on sun-kissed beaches, explore remote corners of the island, or gorge on mounds of fresh seafood, discover the charms of our Island paradise! Tour the beautiful islands surrounding Phu Quoc island with FASboat.

Speedboat Tours

What to do

Phu Quoc Blog

Phu Quoc blog

Local hospitality woos tourists to island off Vietnam’s Phu Quoc. While unfriendly locals and scam artists have put off vacationers in many Vietnamese tourist attractions, the reclaimers of an island near the heavenly holidaymaking retreat of Phu Quoc have achieved ....

Speedboat Blog